Added American suitcase weights
Added American step
Added triangle on back and new American drawbar
Added dirt texture
Added new American 2wd wheels with selectable duals
Added new selectable frontloader bracket
Removed right door an a bunch of parts off of the tractor including the top 3-point arm to replicate my grandfather’s American 7800, which doesn’t even have a top arm
Added new sounds straight from my grandfather’s real American 7800
ccs101 had a hand in helping with a few problems that I came across along the way. So special thanks to him.
This mod has one existing error that we couldn’t figure out. It involves the frontloader brackets. It will only pop up when the brackets are purchased, but does not affect the mod in any way.


All model editing done by Ross W.
Sounds: Ross W. GIANTS
Special thanks to ccs101 for all the help.