LS2013 STEYR 6230 CVT MR

True 1:1 scale and weight
Completelly animated interior
Doors and back window to open, even from outside ( IC control )
FL console for Alö Frontloader and Tools from Modcontest (key R, you must stand in front of the bonnet)
Dynamic Exhausting System
Cab and Seat Suspension
Animated Front Suspension
Indoor Sounds
Manual Ignition( key Z or Y or NUM_comma )
Hazard lights ( key NUM_1 , NUM_3 , NUM_2 )
Worklights front and back( key NUM_5 , NUM_6 )
Highbeam ( key LEFT ALT )
Complete error-free and MP compatible ( without log entries on standard Map)

Model / Textures / InGame: Giants, CebuljCek
Scripts: Sven777b, JoXXer, John Deere 6930, fruktor, Manuel Leithner, PES 4ever, Geri-G, modelleicher
Sounds: TT modding

Uploaded by 0Tim0