FS22 Screenshot Mode

Enhance your screenshots by modifying the environment (time / weather / season), the game shader and easily controlling the camera with this mod!

Feature overview:
– Move the camera freely
– Rotate the camera
– Change the FOV
– Select the shader (Color Grading) via several presets
– Select the season period
– Select weather
– Select time of day

– The mod does not modify the environment (time / season) of your savegame (only the weather forecast is not restored but I did not find how to avoid this)
– The mod is currently not compatible in multiplayer

This mod is inspired by the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Photo Mode and the controls are similar.

– Open Screenshot Mode: Alt + j
– Move: W-A-S-D (Qwerty, Qwertz) / Z-Q-S-D (Azerty)
– Fly: Q-E (Qwerty, Qwertz) / A-E (Azerty)
– Rotate: Z-C (Qwerty) / W-C (Azerty) / Y-C (Qwertz) / Left mouse click
– +/- FOV: Mouse Wheel
– Reset FOV: Mouse wheel click


Monsieur Bab