FS22 Porsche Turbo S 2014

Porsche S Turbo 2014
– Price: 188,095 $
– Power: 520 HP
– Max Speed: 315 KM/H
– Diesel Capacity: 67 Liters
– Weight: 2.1 Tonne
– Transmission: PDK Dual-Clutch Automatic

– Removed Simple IC support
– Added Interactive Control support
– Added several new IC commands and animations
– Added support for Vehicle Years
– Fixed some minor bugs and optimized i3d polycount
– General tidy up of all files, updated modDesc to 79
– Added new rim configurations
– Added support for Dashboard Live
– Added support for Passenger Seat (Kubota DLC required)
– Added license plate illumination

– Body color configuration
– Rims color configuration
– Interior color configuration
– Windows color configuration
– Window tint configuration
– Spoiler configuration
– Front addon configuration
* Feature: animated cooling fans

Interactive Control:
– Hood (Open/Close)
– Open doors (Left/Right)
– Windows (Up/Down)
– Internal light (Off/On)
– Honk
– Navigation screen (Off/On)
– Hazards (On/Off)
– Radio (On/Off)
– Radio channel (Back/Next)
– Cruise control (Yes/No)
– Turn indicator (Left/Right)
– Ignition (On/Off)

Dashboard Live (optional):
Vehicle Years (optional):
Passenger Seat (optional):
Interactive Control (recommended):

Credits: TSR, TonyG616, GIANTS Software, BOB51160, Glowins Modschmiede, AgrarPlay,LUWZ, Farming Duds, Myiamoto86, HiPhi77, NickiJF15, Thalley, Vertex Dezign

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