FS19 Lely AP730

This is a pack of two high density balers with their own twines double pack.
One with a simple chute which produces 0.49 x 0.36 x 1.2m high density bales and a second with a loading chute which produces 0.49 x 0.36 x 0.8m high density bales.
Requires the Addon Straw Harvest Mod which offers the bale counter and the ability to load the balers with twines.

Required Mod:

– Body color configurations
– Rim color configurations
– Design color configurations
– Attacher configurations
– Mouse controlled attacher angle
– Custom sounds
– Wheels configurations
– Capacity (simple chute): 464
– Capacity (loading chute): 278
– Twines Capacity: 14
– Full animated

Price: 14000 €