FS19 Farmhouse-Buchweiser

The Buchweiser was built in 1892. In 1971 it was completely renovated and extented in the early 2000s. During this, the pigsty was turned into a modern animal husbandry with an extension.

The building can be divided into 4 areas:
o The residential area is located in the front with a covered balcony on the upper floor. (This ist not accessible for performance reasons)
o The workshop. This offers space for parking for a tractor.
-> In the pack, there is a workshop trigger, which can be placed outside the house to use the workshop.
o Pigsty:
– This 150m² stable offers space for 100 animals, according to the German bio-regulation, which is 1.5m² per animal and a spout.
– Feeding is done at the round archdoor at the front of the building.
– Straw trigger at the extension of the back, at the entrance to the pigsty.
– The water trigger can be found in the front of the workshop. Here you can see a water level indicator.
– Animals can be unloaded at the gate to the pig enclosure.
– Liquid-Manure triggers can be found at the front.
– For Manure, there are two variants of the building: in one version, the manure is stored on a manureheap outside the buidling, in the other one, the manure appears in the pigsty.
o Hay storage:
– 250,000L per bunker.
– Hay and straw can be stored.
– Unloading on the upper floor. (For this purpose, the terrain must be manually adapted to the ramp)
– Loaded in the passage. Here there are two discharge pipes, which are used for straw and hay.
– In the hay storage variant, the pigsty can be filled with bulk material.
– Building costs: 120.000€
– Daily upkeep: 30€
– Seasons ready