FS22 Bionic Meat Processor

Discover the wonders of biotechnology with the Bionic Meat Processor.
This mod includes a Bionic Meat Processor production.
H-milk and stem cells are produced from milk. In the further process nutrient solution is needed (can be bought in the store),
From stem cells and nutrient solution in special incubators then bionic meat is produced.

UHT milk and bionic meat can be sold at different points of sale.
Stem cells can only be processed.

Placeable Shop Category: Production -> Factories
Construction costs: $110,000
Incoming goods: milk, nutrient solution, stem cells(own production line)
Outgoing goods: UHT milk, bionic meat

– Switchable light
– Digital displays

Production recipes

Stem cells:
100 l milk yields 20 l stem cells (48 cycles / month | 240 € / month).

UHT milk:
100 l milk Results in 95 l UHT milk (48 cycles / month | 240 € / month)

Bionic meat:
20 l stem cells + 20 l nutrient solution yield 100 l bionic meat (48 cycles / month | 240 € / month)