PF2018 Specifying radio streams

I once went to the trouble of specifying radio streams for all countries. So that you can listen to the appropriate radio in the respective country. Which contributes well to the atmosphere and still supports it.

#Install for Steam Version:
Copy the File „RadioUrls.json” to: X:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\PureFarming\PureFarming_Data\StreamingAssets
„Don’t forget to make a backup copy”

+ Sim Live Radio
+ technobase.fm
+ POWER RADIO – Berlin

+ Pure Rock FM 89

+ Big B Radio
+ Moon Mission Recordings
+ Nerd Vision Radio

+ W Radio
+ Expresion Stereo
+ La Radio

+ Studio Piu 93.0 FM
+ Radio Tirol
+ Magic Music Radio

#Available for all countries:
+ Antenne Bayern
+ Radio Fritz
+ Sunshine Live

My favorite radio stream for all countries, this one can adapt everyone for themselves.



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