Hey, I have a Fendt Katana package for you. It’s a gift from me. I can not always make Xerion tractors. Read the description and I wish you a nice game!


Katana 65 – R6 engine with power 625 hp

Katana 85 – V12 engine with power 850 hp (2 exhausts at the rear)

In package we have 3 cutters:

-> Kemper 390 special for Fendt Katana 85
-> Kemper 460 for Fendt Katana 65
-> Kemper P3000

You can use Spartan 610!

Main Information:
-> Washable
-> The first approach to improve the textures
-> IC control script
-> Lighting
-> Mirrors
-> Other sounds
-> Door Opener Script
-> All inside Huds and a computer system made by me!
-> Many animation in the cabin
-> Joystick animation
-> 2 sets of tires developed by ExtremeBB!
-> There are no errors in the LOG

Exclusive mod but it is a version V1.0, so you can find minor flaws!

Download on Uploaded. From 25 to 30 minutes. It helps me and gives motivation for new mods!

Prohibition to edit this mod and insert mods on the page with a different link!

****** ExtremeBB Mods Factory ****


ExtremeBB, Avirum3D, Steph, Marthu

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