FS22 SK-5 "Niva"

SK-5 “Niva” – is a brand of self-propelled wheeled combine harvesters produced in the USSR by “Rostselmash” since 1971.

Manufacturer: Rostselmash
Model: SK-5 “Niva”, ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5, PSP-1.5, PPK-4, Cutting trailer
power: 120 hp
speed: 25 km/h
Capacity: 3000l
working speed: 10 km/h
Working width: 4m, 5m, 4.2m, 3m

Color configuration:
– main color (harvester, cutter)
– Cab color (harvester)
– complementary color (cutter)
– Label color (harvester, cutter)
– Rim color

Configuration Parts:
– Selection of equipment: standard, PUN-5 chopper, 54-8B stacker (harvester)
– Window grille (combine)
– Trailer selection (harvester)
– Shields (harvester, cutter)
– Selection of the year (connection)
– Dial number (call)
– Selection of rollers (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)
– Selection of extensions (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)


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