FS22 Selfmade Bale Trailer

This is a bale trailer that was built 1:1 based on a real model.

Price: 3,500$
Category : Bale Collection Truck

Auto-Load, WITHOUT scripts. Runs through the standard game. (explanation attached)
Tires: BKT, Vredestein
License plates

In the normal version (WITHOUT Auto-Load), the bale trailer has straps.
Since the bales are held by themselves in the auto-load version, we disabled them in this configuration to avoid bugs.

Auto load explanation:
First, read the F1 menu thoroughly here. Actually, it’s self-explanatory. However, when unloading, you have to press “Z” several times for it to reset itself. Unfortunately, this is not possible otherwise.
First of all, a distinction is made between the positions: “transport position” (WITHOUT picking up the bales) and “working position” (WITH picking up the bales).
If you want to unload, you have to go into the transport position and press “Z” once. Then you can move your bales with the right mouse button. This also saves unloading time.
Then you have to press “Z” again. Then the bales would already have to fall to the ground. Then press “Z” again to end the unloading process.
When you have finished unloading, you have to press “Y” again so that the trigger for the bales moves back onto the loading area.


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