FS19 Scania Next Gen R Pack

Hello! Today im releasing one of my last edits for FS19. It is Scania pack including 4×2 truck for semitrailers and 6×4 flatbed truck.
Important: Everything on the mod is working fine except one thing: When you put something on the flatbed, it starts shaking and moving, so you need to be careful and strap it as quickly as possible. I tried everything i could think of to fix that problem in the last few days but i couldn’t find a solution… If anyone manage to fix it, please message me so i can update the mod. Thank you!
Scania Next Gen R Pack
1. Wheels configurations
2. Lights configurations
3. Front lip configurations
4. Sideskirts extension configurations
5. Beacons configurations
6. Flags configurations
7. Stickers configurations
8. Interior accessories configurations
9. Exhaust configurations (flatbed only)
10. Spoiler configurations
11. Sound configuration (Normal and V8, both custom)
12. A lot of colors to choose from
13. Base, design and rim color configurations
14. Air suspension (controlled by X and N)
15. Custom horn sound
1. There are some issues on the mods: as i already said, there is an issue with the flatbed , the other issues are visual only: Wheels are going through the fenders but the only solution to that is to make the wheels smaller which is very ugly and the other thing is that the truck doesn’t have double faces, which means that from some angles from outside you will see through the truck basically, like there isn’t anything there. Since the truck is high poly, i didn’t want to increase it even more, so that issue also will remain.
2. There isn’t a trailer for the flatbed truck and most likely there won’t be! It is the end of the game, so im not motivated to in-game whole trailer + that issue i have with the flatbed demotivated me even more…
I hope you will enjoy the trucks!


TB.Simulationen, Crownzilla