FS22 Production Brewery (beer production) v1.0.3

The mod adds the ability to produce beer (wheat beer, barley beer, honey beer, strawberry beer).
The mod includes a shop that buys beer.

Wheat beer = water + wheat
Barley beer = water + barley
Strawberry beer = water + barley + strawberries
Honey beer = water + barley + honey

Building costs:
Beer production: EUR 80,000
Shop (beer pub): EUR 20,000

version 1.0.3
bugfix: honey beer pallet texture

Version 1.0.2
+ change: changed beer shop (branded shop)
+ change: more slots for pallets (now up to 8 pallets can be spawned)
+ change: better trigger for pallet unloading in unloading zone
+ add: now beer can be sold by train
+ bugfix: warnings about trigger marker

Version 1.0.1
+ bugfixed: water filling -> added new point for water filling
+ bugfixed: invisible collisions

Comments welcome, suggestions, tips.
I am still developing and testing the mod (including balance).

* Beta version may need to be refined (balance, graphics, etc.).



Uploaded by WilkDev