FS22 Piccin GAHG RO BR 2000

The Piccin GAHG RO BR hydraulic agricultural slewing winch is a multifunctional device for moving loads in agricultural production processes.
It has a robust structure and with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg.
The Piccin GAHG RO BR also has a oscillating wheel system with adjustable track width, an anti-break valve in the lifting cylinder and a speed reducer in the rotation cylinder to safely meet the logistical requirements when working with “big bags” and other loads.
The winch is easy to maneuver without overloading the tractor’s hydraulic system.

– Price: 5221 $
– Power: 65 hp
– Optional 4 point hitch Bag
– Wheel ballast adjustment
– Fertilizer bag
– Seed bag

– Capacity: 2000l
– Price: 900 $