Map has:
– Two playful farms, one set for the production of cows, the other plant and the pigs.
– Purchase of cereals on the old farmer’s house, (the particular kind of grain is sold in another building)
– Purchase of animals also at the State Farm
– shop with machines and working machine reset
– starter machines
– 49 fields with area from several aries to about 5 ha and 3 meadows
– As I mentioned, an incredibly mapped area of ​​Lower Silesia you will not find on any other map :)
– chopped straw mod
– Gates and doors opened with a mouse
– switchable lights
– I add invisible walls in the fields to the map area and one in the village is not a mistake, they are done deliberately, because it is surrounded by maps

What I changed in
– I added wshed with pogs
– There are several new fields
– I rebuilt some one of the farm
– some visual fixes
– I added the silos on the cow farm
– And some other things you’ll see :)