FS22 Old School Freestall


This is an Old American Style Freestall setup for this classic feel around the farm. There are many neat features setup to help you enjoy
this cow yard. The cows show up in the milking parlor everyday from 6am to 8am and then show back up again at 6pm to 8pm. The parlor
lights also turn on and off during these hours. Also this barn is setup to handle small square bales in the hay loft. So to get the bales
out you must go up in the loft and select to remove them. You can add bales directly where the freestalls are. Slurry will up in the pit at
the end of the lot and will have to be pumped out. A manure heap is also in the corner of the lot and must be kept under control to keep the
cows healthy.

Old American Free Stall:
Head: 100
Price: $135,000
Upkeep: $50


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