FS22 Large Enclosed Sheds

This pack includes four new and modern American-styled sheds.

The Large Enclosed Shed is based on a real-life modern American building and can be used for whatever necessities your farm requires!

Price – 75,000€!
Daily Upkeep – 4€

Have you ever bought a big piece of machinery and go to find out you have nowhere to store it from nature’s elements? Well, the Hydraulic Power Lift Shed allows for even the largest of machinery to be stored away! Three unique doors with Power Lift Hydraulics allow for the largest machinery to fit into the shed. This shed also has pallet racks to store whatever you need on your farm and have the capability to be removed if you don’t have a use for them.

Price – 326,500€
Daily Upkeep – 115€

*Important* – Don’t remove the pallet racks if there are objects on them. They may disappear!!

The Drive-Thru Shed can be used to store longer pieces of equipment like semis and trailers.

Price – 58,460€
Daily Upkeep – 2€

The Drive-Thru Liquid Storage Shed allows for mass amounts of Liquid fertilizer and Herbicide to be stored wherever you want!

Price – 64,500€
Capacity – 100,000 Liters of Fertilizer and Herbicide
Daily Upkeep – 15€