FS22 Huerlimann H4105

In 1989 the SAME GROUP brought three tugs with the additional designation “Elite” onto the market.
The smallest model in this series, the H-4105 Elite, was also the only four-cylinder tractor.
In addition to a turbocharger, the built-in Hürlimann engine also had charge air cooling.
Its equivalent within the group was the Lamborghini “Formula-105”.

Technical specifications:
Price: € 55,000
Performance: 105PS to 158PS
Empty weight: 3,900 kg
Road speed: 42 km / h
Work lights front and rear
SLH synchronous reversing powershift transmission
15 forward and 15 reverse gears

E-4105 (electrical conversion)
Price: € 60,000
Power: 105PS to 132PS
110KW battery
Empty weight: 4,000 kg
Road speed: 42 km / h
Work lights front and rear
Stepless CVT transmission

Front loader, front hydraulics, exhaust flap, fenders, warning light,
Choice of color, configurable tires and mouse control of doors and windows.