LS22 Courseplay v7.0.0.10

Courseplay Beta for Farming Simulator 2022

Note that the current version has no multiplayer support!

What Works

  • Course generation
  • Field work but no refill or unload, except combine self unload
  • Save/load courses


There is now a CP Fieldwork job available on the helper screen. After you select it, choose a target position the field you want work on and the Open/Close Course Generator button. Generate the course and start the job.

Turning on Debug Channels

When there’s an issue, you can turn on debug channels so Courseplay will log a lot of information we need for troubleshooting. You can bring up the debug channel menu by pressing Shift+4, then use Shift+1 and Shift+3 to select a channel, and then Shift+2 to toggle the selected debug channel (green is on).

Developer version

Please be aware you’re using a developer version, which may and will contain errors, bugs, mistakes and unfinished code. Chances are you computer will explode when using it. Twice. If you have no idea what „beta“, „alpha“, or „developer“ means and entails, steer clear. The Courseplay team will not take any responsibility for crop destroyed, savegames deleted or baby pandas killed.

You have been warned.

If you’re still ok with this, please remember to post possible issues that you find in the developer version. That’s the only way we can find sources of error and fix them. Be as specific as possible:

  • tell us the version number
  • only use the vehicles necessary, not 10 other ones at a time
  • which vehicles are involved, what is the intended action?
  • Post! The! Log! to Gist or PasteBin
  • For more details on how to post a proper bug report, visit our Wiki

Former Developers

  • Thomas Gärtner
  • Satis
  • Jakob Tischler
  • Bastian82
  • Lautschreier
  • Horoman
  • Hummel
  • Skydancer
  • Wolverin0815
  • Pops64


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