On this fictitious European-style map with 45 fields (crops, meadows, vineyards, olive grove, pasture), you will have the choice between cereal crops, livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens), and you can participate in the development industry and commerce in the region.
A new crop has also been added: alfalfa.

The farm aims to expand by buying the pig farm

To help you in this heavy task, you can count on the new agricultural equipment dealer.

A bulk point of sale has been added, you can buy: Fodder, lime, fertilizer, seeds, mineral supplement, total mixed ration, manure.

You will have the choice to sell your harvests and your productions in the many points of sale:
– 2 grain cooperatives
– 1 grain mill
– 1 candy
– 1 spinning
– 1 wine cooperative
– 1 livestock trader
– 1 BGA
– 1 sawmill
– 1 sugar factory
– 1 clothing factory
– 1 lime production plant
– 1 spinning
– 1 dairy
– 1 bakery
– 1 restaurant

To help you finance your projects, you can go on a hunt for objects to collect.

If you need water for your crops, you can draw it directly from the pond.

The crop growth schedule is the default.
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