FS19 STEYR 8090a Turbo SK2 BASIS

Scripts: not yet installed
– Lighting works approx. As in real, main beam can also be switched on with roof lights
– new sounds (from my (domi) Steyr 8090 SK2
– wide tire
– standard tires
– purchasable front weights
– Tailgate front purchasable
– Ackerschiene installed
– Amaturenbeleuchtung
– Seat suspension
– FL consoles (Hydrac + Stoll)
– new dirt + used texture
– BJ 1988
– 80 hp
– Conection pants ready

Main field of application, as a farm tractor, field tractor (plowing, cultivating sowing)


MB3D Modelling, STEYR Modding Team, rs123456, Giants Software, Modellfreak (Textur Unterlenker)