FS22 Renault Ares 700 & 800 RZ v1.5

Hello everyone, with the help of my friends we offer you this small pack of Renault Ares 700 & 800rz
This mod is made from the base of that of Toitoine

global optimization of the model (weight and textures)
adding mass configurations
adding charger configurations
claas version added (816, 826, 836)

This pack offers the following models:
715 (145hp)
725 (175hp)
735 (194hp)

815 (150hp)
816 (155hp)
825 (175hp)
826 (175hp)
836 (194hp)

Tractors benefit from several options:
Tire configurations
Buddy System Configurations
Front mudguard configurations
GPS Settings
Simple IC By VertexDesign

The tractor as a whole has undergone a small facelift and some improvements. It is not perfect but I think it will be fine for a first version.
A v2 is under study but without defining a date so there is no point in asking.

I thank my friends again for their work. Without them, this pack would never have seen the light of day.


AdriGaming Nico_Du_55 ToitoineModding Sharqy