FS19 Place Anywhere mod for Farming Simulator 19 v1.3

This mod lets you place buildings anywhere in your land, including within other buildings.


Download the latest version from the releases page
Place the downloaded zip in your Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator19/mods folder
Launch the game and enable the mod in the mission start screen


0 to toggle terrain deformation (default: deformation on)

8 to toggle terrain ownership checks (default: land ownership required)


You can change the cost of terrain modifications by opening PlaceAnywhere.lua in the mod’s zip file and changing the value of

PlacementScreenController.DISPLACEMENT_COST_PER_M3 = 1; — Edit this to change the terrain modification cost per cubic meter (game default: 50)

Additionally you can also change the cost of landscaping by editing this line in the same file:

Landscaping.SCULPT_BASE_COST_PER_M3 = 1; — Edit this to change the landscaping cost per cubic meter (game default: 50)


I’ve tested this mod and didn’t notice any side effects, however it might still cause issues as it removes some game checks.