Hello everyone. Today I present to you tractor for a medium farms. The Massey Ferguson 5475.
Below you can see a description of the function. Read what I wrote below and enjoy the game!

Massey Ferguson 5475

  • Opening doors and rear window -> Press KP 7,8,9
  • Wheels get dirty
  • Full lighting
  • Wheel Particle Spec.
  • Ploughing Spec.
  • Operating Hours & ES Limiter
  • Manual Ignition -> Press KP Enter
  • Real Exhaust Particle System
  • And a few others like new driving physics, Scale 1:1, Working Shema …

Important Informations

1. Engine Power: 135-145 HP
2. Daily Upkeep: 130 || Price: 62000
3. Fuel tank capacity: 150

Required Patch 2.0!
Please Keep Original Download Link!

Model: templaer
Help: PeterJ, Clod
In Game: T0bi69

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