FS22 KRAMPE SKS30 1050 EDITING V1.0.0.1

-This is a trailer with modified realistic physical parameters based on GAINT’s official Krampe SKS30/1050.

-Specifically, I moved the center of mass of the trailer from the rear to the middle. The tire friction scale is set to 1 . Bulk materials have an independent center of mass whose height varies with the load. In other words, turning at high speed with a full load in bulk will cause the trailer to flip over.

-Besides, I added collision to bulk, remade reflective strip, replaced hose model, removed mass limit, added color configuration and suspension animation. The first axle is liftable. This trailer is now more suitable for the tractor with lower saddle.

-v1.0.0.1 Added cover configuration. Fixed issue in the appearance of decal. Added interactive control to the cover.


HatsuneKid, GIANTS Software