FS22 Deutz-Fahr Series 9 v2

Price: 246.000$

-9290TTV (290 hp)
-9310TTV (310 hp)
-9340TTV (340 hp)
+9340TTV Warrior

Changelog Hotfix
*Fixed Log Error with BC7
*Fixed wrong connector for Twin Wheels right side

*Replaced Wheel Weights with original Deutz Weights
*Added SimpleIC for: Door Left, Top Window, Back Window, Beacon Lights and Warning Signs
(Mousecontrol can be configurated for Door Left, Top and Back Window)
*Added Configurations: Back Fender, Interior Generation, Warning Signs and Beacon Lights
*Added new Animations and Beautyfications to the iMonitor and Workmonitor
*Added Lights to the Mirror which go on when the Door Left is open
*Interior Light Color is now white
*Added ISARIA Compact Pro (Precision Farming DLC)