This mod is an extension of the carrots and onions harvest pack. It works on all maps where carrots, onions, cabbage or red cabbage are used.

Version 1.5 Potatoes & Sugarcane
Added asparagus

Included are:

Holmer Terra-Dos T4-40
Ropa Tiger 6
Ropa Panther 2
The harvesters support the following crops: sugar beets, carrots, onions, cabbage and red cabbage.

Digging units:
Holmer HR12
Ropa rrXL9
Ropa rr6x45

For each crop (except for sugar beet), there is a separate cutter because it is unfortunately not possible to use a cutter for each crop.
They are the original models of Giants.
There is 1 warning in the log, but it is not game-impairing.


Giants, Martin P.